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I Miss You.


Once a very long time ago,

Loneliness was but my greatest foe,

Every day spent all alone,

Not even bothering with my phone,

A sad and singular life for me,

Nothing on the horizon to see,

And then along came you,

And one suddenly became two,

Love and laughter was all to be had,

Never more could we be sad,

Those were truly the happiest of days,

In all the very best of ways,

But then you said you had to go,

And once more I faced my greatest foe,

But this battle cannot be won,

So long as I remain a one,

And so I now my long vigil begin,

As I wait for my lost heart’s twin,

For without you I am but a half,

And I wonder if I will ever again laugh,

So please, hurry home my dear,

I will only be whole once you are near,

Until then, I promise to wait,

In my lost and lonely state.

Thank you for listening.