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Who watches the watchers?

I do.


Have you seen them?

They stare

They gaze

They watch

They spy

They follow

They hunt

They devour

Their eyes are upon me

Wherever I go

They watch 

My room is dark

No light to see

Curtains closed

Door bolted

Windows barred

And still

Their eyes are upon me

I flee into the streets

The people stare

Eyes upon me

Eyes upon me

Eyes upon eyes upon me

They chase me in the day

They haunt me in the night


Please please please please please 

Please close your eyes

Close your eyes!

Don’t look at me

Don’t look at me!


Eyes upon eyes upon eyes upon eyes

Staring down at me

Judging me

Haunting me

Hating me


Why why why why why?

Why do you stare?

What do you see?

What do you see in me?

I flee the light

I shut the door

I bolt the lock

Bar the windows

Close the curtains

Hide myself

There are no eyes in here

No people to see


I can feel their gaze

I can feel their hate

I can feel their eyes

Eyes all around

Eyes upon eyes

Eyes upon me!

Thank you for listening.