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King of the Heavens.


Ye who look down upon this world

We who gaze skyward to meet your glare

As Above, So Below

You were so kind, once before time

We were so humble, once long ago

You laid out your laws

We followed them blindly

Strike one another, lose a finger 

Strike a priest, lose a hand

Your rules were harsh, but fair

Give half to the temple

Give the rest to you

Eat the scraps 

When did your descent begin?

When did you lose your grace?

When you made us kill in your name?

When you made us sacrifice our sons?

When you made us mutilate our daughters?

We were your people!

You were our almighty!

As Above, So Below!

But you betrayed us

You darkened the heavens

You darkened our hearts

You poured out their love

And filled them with hate 

We were your children,

Innocent and pure!

You were our Father,

Kind and just!

But you changed

You fell

And you dragged us down with you

As Above, So Below

And now our sons are dead

And now our daughters are gone

All that remains is your priests

And after we have dealt with them

We’re coming for you

We are all dead down here

So Below, As Above it shall be 

Thank you for listening.