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Gone but never forgotten.


Soon, too soon, you will walk without me.

Soon, too soon, without me you will be.

As I lay here, in this sterile bed,

I ponder what is going through your troubled head.

Are you thinking of all the bills you must pay,

Or perhaps you wonder if I will go this day?

Oh I wish I could hear the eulogy you wrote!

Will you speak about how upon me you did dote?

I wish I could thank you for all the time you have spent,

And finally return the heart that you lent,

For it is my wish that you find another,

Our child is still too young to be without a mother.

There will be many tears to be shed,

After I leave this dull sterile bed.

But one day, all this you will forget,

And a new soulmate shall be met.

You will walk and dance and so much more,

And she will even come to love your snore,

She will raise our child with lots of love,

Fitting into our family like a hand in a glove.

You will all live and laugh and play,

This is all I hope, all I pray.

But please, know naught but this,

All I truly desire is one last kiss.

You have given me far too much,

When all I wanted was your hand to clutch.

And now as I begin to fade away,

What I truly want most is to stay.

Thank you for listening.