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You are a candle in a sea of lightbulbs.


How does one make a brick?

The answer I’m sure will leave you sick!

Turn back now if you value your bliss,

For what you must do is this:

Take a piece of clay so raw,

Mold it with all the hate you caw,

Pile in the fear until it is full,

And add a dollop of extract of bull!

Now that the easy part is done,

It’s time to have some fun!

Take that clay cast full of bile,

And throw it into a kiln made vile!

Bake it in with ignorance and flame, 

Heat it with all those southerners you blame!

Hotter and hotter the clay will get,

Angrier and angrier until it’s set!

Finally, after your vile thing is ready,

Formed from your mind not so steady,

You will have a brick of fear and lies,

And even as a nation cries,

You will finally be able to make the call,

To build that hateful, divisive wall!

Thank you for listening.