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Seeds and humans are alike in that they both have a potential for growth.


When I was a seed,

I had not want nor need.

Burrowed in the deep dark earth,

Slowly biding my time till my birth.


When I was a sapling,

With the soil itself grappling,

While in the breeze I did sway,

I grew taller day by day.


When I was a mighty oak,

Covered in a tough bark cloak,

I was towering and proud,

My dream to reach a distant cloud.


And now I am but a snag,

A lifeless husk caught in a crag,

My body to the earth it shall go, 

Giving my life to a new seed to grow…


Soon I shall be no more than debris,

But, I have rather liked being a tree,

So, If there is a chance to start over,

I would love to be a lucky little clover!


Thank you for listening.