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By realworldwriting 



Cradle of life 

Giver of flame

Lions roar as people flee

Lions flee as people roar

Homestead of all

Our home of homes

All glory to the origin place


A billion strong you stand today

Relentless as the ocean tide

Cold above, warm below

Pinnacle of the world straddling steppes

All glory to the rising sun


The land under down 

Red and brown and brown and red

Death and poison and even sheep

Sing oh sing of dreamtimes past

For the day in which we all awake

All glory to the red scorched earth


War of worlds

Neighbor fought neighbor 

Now you have peace from the pieces remaining

Democracy came and went

Kings and Empires aplenty

Always you change

Never the same

All glory to the changing land


Natives and northerners never harmony have

Cold above

Chaos below

Bang and bang and bang some more

Build a wall

Drive man apart

Tear down a wall

Bring man together

All glory to the forgotten dream


River running ever eternal

Forests dying never eternal

Land and sea

Water and wine

Festival resplendent in the shadow of God

Poverty abundant in the shadow of God

Place of joy

Place of pain

Now ruins stand lonely on the mountaintop

All glory to the ghosts of trees


Cold barrow you left for us

Place of life

Place of death

Cold winds blow yearly yonder

Colder winds tear us asunder

All glory to the frozen fields




Glory eternal

A world so small

Yet on it we live

All we have ever known 

All we will ever see

Our home

Our place

Our planet

Our grandest of worlds for we tiny specks

All glory to the grand GAIA!

Thank you for listening.