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What are the definitions of ignorance and apathy?

I don’t know and I don’t care.


The sun rises in the east,

Man has eternal dominion over beast,

There are birds that swim and fish that fly,

And all we see is merely light reflecting in the eye.

Birth to death do we exist,

But only after are we missed.

These truths I tell for all to hear,

So listen closely, open up your ear!

What do you know, what do you see,

Is the world you perceive the same for me?

A truth is no more than an agreed upon thing,

And things can change and morph and sing!

So for now, these truths are right,

But some day soon, new truths we will write.

Perhaps the sun in the west will rise,

Or maybe elephants will soar through the skies!

But can you imagine if death wasn’t the end?

If the laws of life itself we could bend,

If we never had to say goodbye,

If over a lost friend we never had to cry.

Though for now the world is still quite cruel,

But someday someone will change that rule.

Until that time these truths we keep,

Until that time when no more we weep!

Thank you for listening.