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They call me a beast

They call me a burden

Well, what did they expect?

I am a beast of burden

One cannot remain young forever

I certainly haven’t

These hooves are cracked

This mane is greyed

Every breath is ragged

Every step is labored 

This was not the end I dreamt

This was not the life I lived

This was not the way it went

I was a calf when they took me

Foolish and trusting

I was a bull when they broke me

Foolish and trusting 

I was a beast when they chained me

Foolish… but trusting no more

And now I walk

And walk

And walk and walk and walk

This load I bear never lightens


With every step it grows heavier

Step by step

Step by step

Step by step by step by step

I walk away from life

I walk towards death

At the end of this path



I am a beast

This is my burden

I, am a beast of burden 


Thank you for listening.