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That’s right, after just over two months of writing, Koinophobia has finally been released!

As with Awakening, Koinophobia is available via Amazon and Smashwords (including its distributors, e.g. iTunes and Barnes & Noble).

It is available for $0.99 and contains over 30 Technical Poems, many of which are exclusive to the book.

Below I have included some of the links:

Buy on Amazon


Buy on Smashwords (will include links to their distributors as they are added)

If you like what you see, please leave me a review with your retailer of choice, it means a lot!

Finally, I would just like to say thank you to the wonderful staff at St George’s Hospital for listening to all of my crazy ideas and giving some truly amazing feedback.

Additionally, I must give credit to my irreplaceable fiance, Chanelle, who helped create and edit this wonderful collection.

Thank you for listening.