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[insert quirky saying here]



1. Using the letters below, create the words that are missing from the poem

2. Each block may only be used once per word

3. Each word must contain the Centre letter (I)

Have fun!


Why must we fall (–) love?

Is (–) an inescapable fate?

When I see her, I wonder, does she (——) me?

Working side by side in the (——),

We share a common link, a common (——-)

I am always (—-) to her

We have never had a (—-)

Should I muster my courage and take (——)?

But what (–) she has a (——)?

I need more (—-)!

Is her attitude just a (—–)?

Should that be true, I will surely (—–)!

Oh why did she (——) me with this thing called (———)?

She has already laid my heart in a (——)

Ah, she is the magical (—–) that nourishes my spirit

(—-)! I’ll do it! I’ll tell her how I feel

And who knows? Perhaps one day we shall (—) the knot!

Thanks for listening!