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So, you might have noticed the lack of posts as of late.

Well let me tell you what’s been going on in my life the past few weeks:

  • I’ve been planning my wedding (who  knew there were so many shades of pink?!?)
  • I’ve been working on finishing the first draft of Koinophobia (it’s looking great)
  • I’ve begun writing a new book (details coming soon!)
  • I’ve been working hard at my job (currently I am in the midst of a 13 day shift!)
  • I’ve been on holiday (Plettenberg Bay is a beautiful place to relax)
  • I’ve been playing No Man’s Sky (loving every second!)

So there you have, a whole bunch of excuses for my laziness!

I have a couple of cool announcements to make in the next few days so look forward to that!

Thanks for listening!

And remember, even when life gets you down, Never Lose Your Stride!