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The following poem acts as a complement to my latest story idea, “Through His Eyes”. 



The day I lost you

I thought you gone forever

But now you are here

The same eyes that drew me in

The same hands that held me

The same lips that kissed me


But not you

What lies inside is not what was

But perhaps what could be?


Same body, different mind

Different body, same mind?

You are gone

And yet here you are

Standing before me

In the flesh

But not the spirit

That day I lost you

I lost you

And you did not return



Young body, old mind

Scars I did not make

Muscles I did not have

A body that is new, yet old

Am I the me that was?

Or the me that is?

I see my parents

They see a stranger

I see my so called-lover

I see a stranger

I look in the mirror

And a stranger looks back

What colour were my eyes?



Will I forget who I was?

Will I forget who I am?

Will I become who I am meant to be?


Thank you for listening.