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I came up with this while stuck in traffic, so be nice.

As always, if this story inspires you to write something (and I hope it does) or if you wish to develop this story further (and I hope you do), a small acknowledgement would be great!

And so, without further ado, here is “Through His Eyes”:

The story opens with a look at our protagonist, Brandon Hawes, a 36 year old man who has never had a girlfriend, works in a dead-end job and lives with his parents. His misfortune comes to a head when he is involved in an accident and his body is badly damaged. Barely alive, he consents to be a Guinea pig for a radical new procedure: a full brain transplant.

His brain is extracted and implanted into the body of Lucas King, a 25 year old man who suffered blunt force trauma to the head (while rock climbing) and fell into a vegetative coma. 

As Brandon recovers and slowly comes to term with his new body, he meets Chloe, Lucas’ fiancée, who is shocked to see “Lucas” alive and well. Begging Brandon to stay with her family while he recovers, she confides in him that she never got the chance to say goodbye to Lucas and wants to spend some more time with “him”.

Brandon meets Lucas’ family and discovers that Lucas’ life was nothing like his. Lucas, a successful athlete, had been living his life to the fullest before his accident. Over the next few days, Brandon grows closer to Chloe (who calls him Lucas) and notices that his body acts strangely whenever she is near (his heart beats faster, he automatically holds her hand and this culminates with him accidentally kissing her). Brandon decides to live as Lucas did, reveling in the life he always dreamed of.

However, with Lucas’ funeral drawing closer, Brandon begins to feel as though his identity is fading and Lucas’ is becoming more and more pronounced. Fleeing Chloe, he returns to his parents who greet him with surprise, but ultimately accept him despite his new body and tell him that he will always be their son.

Returning to Chloe’s house, he attends Lucas’ funeral, during which a tearful Chloe states that she loves him. However, Brandon tells her that he is not Lucas, nor will he ever be her lost lover. She comes to realize that in her grief, she had begun to see Brandon as Lucas. 

Brandon then reveals the truth: the night of his accident he had been on his way to commit suicide. After the transplant, he had begun to see things differently (through Lucas’ eyes) and resolves to better himself. 

As both Brandon and Chloe say their farewells to Lucas, they go their separate ways, but acknowledge that the bond formed by Lucas (their common link) will never truly fade.

Thank you for listening.