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I hope you never know what it is like to have nothing.


Four walls

All falls

Wife and child

No more they smiled

Gabled and lost

Everything it cost

And now I wander

On my misfortune I ponder

No home

These streets I roam

Searching for heat

Searching for meat

How long since I ate

Regret is far too late

A stranger’s glare

His wrath I ensnare

Vagrant he screams

I’m gone, like my dreams

But wait

Is this fate?

A Samaritan good and kind

He of generous mind

A coin of hope

No more can I cope

I thank him and go

My shame I cannot show

Another day, another night

Wondering if I’m alright

Home is where the heart is

That is what He says

If that is so

Then my life away I did throw

For now I wander

And kindness of strangers I squander

Oh I wonder what lies over yonder

For this poor homeless wanderer

Thank you for listening.