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Come with me.



Stop what you are doing

Look around 

Look again

What do you see?

The same old landscape

The same old people

The same old world


Look to the horizon

Look beyond it

See what lies beyond the boundaries of your world

We live in a world of wonder

A world where pyramids tower above the dunes

Where an angel falls to the welcoming earth below

A table mountain for the gods to picnic, complete with a gossamer white tablecloth

A Son of God watching over the city of dance

An ancient wall dividing the old world from the new

An arena of blood and triumph, still standing tall

A place of worship, bedecked with white marble and stone

I live in a world of wonder

Do you?

Will you break your boundaries?

Will you walk beyond the horizon?

Will you seek out the world’s wonders?


Walk with me

To a world beyond belief

To a world beyond beauty

To a world beyond boundaries

Live with me, in a world of wonder

Thank you for listening.