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By Dr Gregory Musson

(Sung to Brahms intermezzo no 2 op 118)


Onto me onto you.

Feel the fall of summer’s greeting. 

Unto me unto you.

Hear the cold of winter calling. 

Summer heat, summer fire. 

Now in cool dry embers falling.

Summer heat, summer fire. 

Caught in autumn’s warm and gentle kindling. 


Softly, so softly the gift of the summer’s breath. 

Captured and quilted in autumn’s soft and warm winter coat. 

Comfort through gloom and winter’s cold tears to the spring. 


Surrendered to the cycle.

Each leaf for life’s renewal.


Gift of life. Gift of life.

Gift Of love. Gift of love.  


Thread that flows within the season’s changes. 

Life lost, is life gained, is life forever flowing

Starlight, the sun’s gift from God to keep us growing. 

Summer fire, autumn leaves. 


Pitter-patter, I hear the call of spring.

As the winter sheds its tears and cleanses.

All that I now feel, is that the spring,

Wiped away my sadness.


Gone the dark and so bitter winter

Light of spring, ignites the spark of summer. 

Stored in autumn’s ghostly tinder.

Life is renewed in splendour 


As it touches all your senses. 

Life’s sweet incense. And so…

Feel renewed, restored, refreshed, alive and rested. 

Spring’s cantabile, sweet adagio, 

then crescendo rite of animato, 

fills the world. Rejoicing in fulfilling life’s recurring vine, the journeys healing song.

Enthuse my life, my soul, my whole. 


Then… give thanks. Give thanks. 

For the spring of God’s complete creation 

Give thanks. Give thanks. 

That He gives life that always is with healing.


When life’s so cold and bitter winter. 

Casts your soul to the depths of that dark and cold despair.

Summer is still there, in autumn’s warm lair, till you find…..


No winter lasts forever. 

Choose never to surrender. 

Gifts of life. Gifts of God.

Gifts of love. Gifts of God. 

Nothing in this world can ever conquer.

Pain seeds the soil that makes us all grow stronger.

Light is it’s brightest, only if there is darkness.


Onto me. Onto you. 


Thank you for listening.