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The meaning of life is found in the thought that life has to have a meaning at  all.

To many, life is just a string of events, laid out from end to end, starting with birth and ending with death.

Animals eat, and mate, and get sick, and grow old.

Animals exist.

Humans live.

Why do I say that?

Let me explain: when we complete a full rotation around the sun, we celebrate our birthday. Our friends and family gather and celebrate the fact that we are a year older. Despite the fact that this is an inevitable biological process, we ascribe a joyful meaning to it and turn it into an event to look forward to. 

We have given life meaning.

Another example: our friend or loved one passes away. Instead of disposing of their remains, we hold a funeral and once again invite their friends and family. We speak about their virtues, their accomplishments, their life. The termination of a biological process becomes an event in which a life is celebrated.

We have given life meaning.

A final example: we meet a girl (or boy) and feel an attraction. We desire to spend more time with this person, be with them in every way, and stay with them until the end. Speaking on a physiological level, this is a simple reaction designed to ensure the continuation of our species through reproduction. A simple biological process. And yet we give it a name.


We fall in love, we grow closer to another human, we desire to spend the rest of our life with them. We have taken a purely physiological action and made it into something beautiful.

We have given life meaning.

Life is not just a string of events laid out from end to end.

It is a journey, one filled with meaning.
We grow older, we fall in love, we try new things, we learn more about our world, we learn more about ourselves, and then we exit this world surrounded by everything we hold dear.

Life is worth living because it has meaning.

And there is no such thing as a meaningless life.

Thank you for listening.