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When you were a child, you may have been told that you were unique. When you were a little older, that statement was edited to include the line, “just like everyone else”.

Why do we do that? Why do we encourage uniqueness only to undermine the notion years later?

Why do we implant the suggestion that no one is truly unique?

Is it because those of us who feel that they do not stand out or possess special qualities must reaffirm their ego by dragging down those who do?

Or is it based on the view that it is “childish” to think of yourself as unique, and part of being an adult and “growing up” is realizing that you are not?

Either way, the argument is moot.


It’s because we are unique.

Really, truly unique.

There is no one else like you, not on your continent, planet or even universe.

You are the only you who will ever be.

And the reason for that lies in the realm of Physics.

How? Simple: the individual atoms that you are comprised of have only one set of space time co-ordinates (I’m ignoring superposition for the sake of my argument). Even across the multiverse, the version of you that is reading this is the only one existing right here and right now. The other versions of you have their own universe, different enough from our own to be unique in its own right.

Translated to English: the very core of your existence can only exist right here and now.

So stop comparing yourself to those around you. Would you compare an apple to a moose? How about a glacier with a newborn? Or even a castle with a black hole. Every single entity in this world is completely and utterly unique.

People say that my neighbor is richer than I am, or that a celebrity on the news is more talented than what I could ever be. But these things are not meant to be compared. Instead, focus in on what makes you unique. Focus on what you can do. On who you are.

Remember, out of the Infintillions of people in our multiverse, there is only one You.

Long story short, humans are unique and incomparable, so don’t try and compare yourself to those around you.

Thank you for listening.