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We know more about what lies above than we do what lies below.

At last, we come to the third and final part of the Sunken Chronicles. Rowan’s story might have reached its end, but there are plenty more for me to tell.

As always, if this story (or any preceding or succeeding stories) inspires you to write or if you want to take this idea (or trilogy) further, a small acknowledgement would be great!

And so, without further ado, here is the final book in “The Sunken Chronicles”, “The Diggers of the Deep Dark”:

The Diggers of the Deep Dark concludes the tale of Rowan. The vehicles which emerged from the Earth are revealed to belong to the Diggers, an expedition party sent deep underground centuries prior when the flood waters started to rise. Their mission was to  search of a new place to live.

Emerging from the vehicles, the Diggers announce they have returned to overthrow the surface dwellers and rule over the planet. They kidnap Teresa and retreat to their sunken city, intent on questioning her about the weaknesses of the surface people.

Rowan and his friends follow the Diggers, soon finding themselves heading to the heart of the world (a massive elevator system powered by the planet’s core) in order to rescue her. Eventually they find themselves underground and encounter Syl-Addara, the exiled matriarch of the sunken city.

She explains that her people were once kind and just, but changed to become paranoid and bloodthirsty after a drill-team drilled into a field of strange, glowing ore. Trapped within it was a contagion, which was released when the diggers began mining it. It is this contagion which led to the increased aggressiveness of her subjects (the matriarch tried to dissuade her frenzied subjects from invading the surface, but they branded her a traitor and exiled her to the Deep Dark (an unexplored region of the underground).

Returning to the surface, Rowan rallies the surface and the sky dwellers and, with Syl’s help, is able to invade the sunken city. In the final confrontation, Rowan faces the city’s  ruthless new patriarch who has been interrogating Teresa. Their fight takes them to the ore field and both are consumed by the contagion. However, Teresa is able to snap Rowan out of his rage and they use a mining vehicle to cause a cave in which seals up the ore (the patriarch chose to stay behind and “protect” the ore).

In the aftermath of the battle, Rowan returns to the surface with Teresa. With the Diggers, Surface dwellers and Sky Dwellers finally re-united and with the water level stable, the three groups can finally begin to recolonize the world.

Thanks for listening! The next story idea is “This is Not a Murder Mystery”, look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!