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Either man created heavens or heavens created man.

Today’s story is the second in a trilogy titled “The Sunken Chronicles” which takes place on a planet that has undergone cataclysmic flooding, forcing the remaining humans to live on anchored floating cities.

As always, if this story (or any preceding or succeeding stories) inspires you to write or if you want to take this idea (or trilogy) further, a small acknowledgement would be great!

And so, without further ado, here is the second book in “The Sunken Chronicles”, “The Sky Dwellers”:

The Sky Dwellers continues the story of Rowan. Following on directly from the ending of book one, it is quickly revealed that the strange aircraft is empty, though it carried a single message that stated the destruction of the world below would commence in one week’s time.

Rowan quickly descends to the sea below and tells his father (the King of Theald Lok) via messenger pigeon. The people of the mountain, freed from their eternal servitude, show Rowan a vault hidden deep within the mountain.

Inside, he learns of an airship (The Ascendant) that could take him to the city in the sky, Noblesse Poleis (the city is revealed to have been a contingency plan to ensure the safety of the nobility who pilfered the most advanced technologies of the world and left the lower class with nothing, the floating cities were made by the commoners in order to survive).

With the help of his friends, Rowan journeys to a nearby island (the last known location of the Ascendant). Arriving on the isle, they are attacked by a primitive tribe that worship the remains of the airship.

Through a series of adventures (including befriending the chief’s son, Rok Thorab) they obtain and repair the airship. After sneaking aboard and flying to Noblesse Poleis, they find that the city has become a military dictatorship led by Grand Lord Cythe (who claims to be a direct descendant of the first ruler of Noblesse Poleis, but who is later revealed to be a swindler who murdered the real Cythe).

Rallying the scattered rebels, Rowan and his friends make their way through the city. Reaching the Spire (the central control area for the city), they discover that Cythe plans to use a massive laser to destroy every floating city on the surface (he fears that they will travel to his city and usurp his rule, destroying the “balance” between nobility and commoner).

In a final confrontation, Cythe is killed and the city is set to self-destruct. Everyone is able to get away safely using escape craft, but the laser fires once, before exploding. The burst pierces straight through Mount Mors and through the mantle.

As the water begins to drain away, Rowan discovers that the way to the escape pods has been blocked off. Suddenly, a craft appears, piloted by his father (he reveals that it was the one Teresa was found in, she was the real Cythe’s daughter who was saved by her father with his dying breath) and everybody escapes.

Around the world, the water level lowers dramatically, causing the floating cities to beach themselves. The book ends with a strange machine appearing from the hole in Mount Mors, bearing an emblem of a sword crossed over a pick-axe.

Thanks for listening! The next story idea is the last in the trilogy, “The Diggers of the Deep Dark”, look forward to it!

And remember, even if your world is turned upside down, Never Lose Your Stride!