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We are all ghosts, most of us just pretend otherwise…

Barsch is not your average protagonist. Sure, he is selfless and brave, and he tries to do the right thing, but there is also darkness in his heart.

Along with Lanista, this darkness is comprised of Yumiere, Rigel and The Unknown Woman. Three people. Three failures. Three ghosts.

For Barsch, guilt and violence are a part of his heart, buried deep so as not to disturb the surface. However, when the conditions are just right, these dark traits manifest.

I initially wrote this scene to add an extra dimension to Barsch’s character. I wanted to explore some of his backstory and also provide another internal conflict that could result in his emotional growth.

Whether Barsch will succumb to his guilt inducing ghosts or make peace with them remains to be seen (read Awakening to learn what happens!)

Thanks for listening! The next Behind the Scenes is “Forgiven but not Forgotten”, look forward to it!

And remember, even when your past threatens to destroy you, Never Lose Your Stride!