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As above, so below.

Today’s story is the first in a trilogy titled “The Sunken Chronicles” which takes place on a planet that has undergone cataclysmic flooding, forcing the remaining humans to live on anchored floating cities.

As always, if this story (or any preceding or succeeding stories) inspires you to write or if you want to take this idea (or trilogy) further, a small acknowledgement would be great!

And so, without further ado, here is the first book in “The Sunken Chronicles”, “The Forgotten Peak”:

The Forgotten Peak tells the story of Rowan Vel Etereus, the fifth son of King Morar Vel Etereus, ruler of Theald Lok, a floating city. The world has been flooded by a massive flood (four hundred years prior) and the remnants of humanity have built a network of anchored floating cities (on water) and city ships (large moving cities). However, the water level has gradually started to rise again, endangering the cities.

Whilst digging through the city records, Rowan comes across a description of a fail-safe system should the waters refuse to recede. The device is located atop the fabled peak of Mt. Mors, which many have sought out but few have returned from. It is 10km high and eternally wreathed in clouds.

The few records that exist tell of a savage guardian (a huge, black dragon) and a civilization that will kill anyone to protect the mountain’s secret. Rowan decides to seek out the fabled mount, accompanied by Teresa Skyfell, a mysterious young woman who was found as a baby in a strange pod floating on the ocean.

He is also helped by a deviant troublemaker by the name of Gareth Zyre whose family is known as a group of good for nothing delinquents, and who hopes to change that by conquering Mt. Mors. After a series of adventures, they find a map and make it to the mountain, where they meet Ivramelda De Salis De Cynia Av Dussan Av Burr (Ivra for short), a girl who was born on the mountain and whose people have protected it without question for centuries.

She was told that the gods live atop the mountain, and that to serve them unquestionably was their sacred duty. However, she rebels and joins Rowan in order to find out the truth. After a long adventure, they slay the guardian (revealed to be an advanced flying robot) and reach the fail-safe device.

After activating it, it clears the sky around the mountain and reveals that a massive chain is attached to the peak, which is anchoring down a massive floating city (seemingly unsupported in mid-air). The book ends with a craft descending from the city towards Rowan.

Thanks for listening, the next story idea will be book two, “The Sky Dwellers”, look forward to it!

And remember, even if your world is flooded, Never Lose Your Stride!