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Can you spot the strangeness?


They always say we

Not once have they told me to go away

And yet, a team cannot be created from good thoughts alone

Are we really a team?

They always say that the word “team” does not have the letter…well, you already know, don’t you?

When we play, why do they never pass to me?

When we celebrate, why do they never call for me?

When we lose, why do they always blame me?

So many late days and early days.

Play, play, play, that’s all they say!

Are my shots not good enough?

Are my passes not exemplary?

Are my calls not answered?

What are teammates for, exactly?

To slow me down?

To degrade my performance?

To call me out?

To make fun of me?

They always say we

But lately, that sounds the same as me, me, me.

The word “Team” has always had a “me”…

Not anymore

So long, and thanks for all the “we’s”

From now on, let me be known as just “me”

Thank you for you aural attendance.