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Change your perspective and you change your reality.

Sometimes, people see things differently. Is one person necessarily right and the other wrong?

No, not to my eyes.


I am so (happy/saddened) that it has come to this…

After two decades of (hell/paradise)


I always thought we wound (never last/last forever)

We were young to wed, and that (doomed us/didn’t matter)

(He/She) was my first love, and I always (doubted/believed) that (He/She) would be my last

Every night, (snoring!/falling asleep together)

Every morning, (body odour!/pancakes!)

I mean, (He/She) would always (eat all the/give me her) dessert!

Sure, we had our (good/bad) times but they never lasted long

After this, I hope I can (find someone new/still be in her life)

It hasn’t been all (bad/good), but that is no reason to (stay/leave), is it?

I have (always questioned/never doubted) if I still love (Him/Her)

But now I (see the lie/know the truth)

Two decades of (pretending/happiness)

The time has come for us to (be free/be apart)

There is one thing that (might/ will never) change…

The fact that I will (never/always) love you


Thank you for listening.