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You have my permission to cry while reading this scene. No judgement, I promise.

I hear a new-born babe begin to wail for its mother, a mother that it will never know. Something is wrong.

Everything feels weird, dreamlike. Pain flows from the inner reaches of my mind, as I collapse to the hospital floor. Hospital? The moment the thought arises a pang of pain forces me to my knees. I am once again huddling on the cold sand. The old man lying on the rock, bleeding from both ears, begins to warp in appearance before my very eyes.

In his place lies a woman, face covered by a white veil, sleeping the eternal sleep. A man, his figure muddled and inconsistent, kneels beside her, crying for his lost love. In his arms, a baby cries, the sound bringing a fresh flood of tears to my heart-broken face. The image of man and babe, crying together, follows me into the darkness that is now my thoughts.

The desert is gone. The hospital is gone. All that remains is darkness, and the incessant crying of the motherless child.

Sometimes life doesn’t go the way you expected.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Sometimes life is unfair.

Sometimes we lose what we had, and gain what we never wanted.

I’m sorry.

The world of Awakening is not a kind place. People die. Sometimes those people are mothers.

I’m sorry.

I’m so sorry.

Forgive me for making you read this. The next Behind the Scenes will be happier, I promise.

Even if you lose Her, Never Lose Your Stride…