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At last we reach Part Three of DIY versus Professional publication. Here is a link to Part One and Part Two.

What do you do when you both lack the innate skills to complete a task and the ability to learn said skills? You turn to someone who does.

When I first pictured this site, I had an idea for a website that I had created from scratch. Now, given my lack of coding ability (which ruled out Part One), I attempted to acquire this ability through the internet (and my best friend Michael, whom I believe often overestimates my learning ability) via a series of self-help coding websites. However, after a few weeks of poor results, I had to face the truth.

The amount of time necessary to learn how to create my own website, manage it and make it look exactly as I had envisioned was unrealistic and would delay the launch of Awakening.

Enter WordPress. As I had always intended on creating a blog (which would have featured prominently on my website), and given the easy set-up and lack of coding required, it was the perfect solution to my problem.

In the end, the publication of Awakening was only accomplished by a mish-mash of my own skills (cover design and editing), my desire to learn new techniques (Typesetting, marketing) and my realization that sometimes it was better to go with a pro (WordPress). For you, it may be a completely different picture.

What can you take away from this series? Simple: when planning your publication, analyze what skills you already possess, which ones you think you are capable of learning and which ones would be better left to a professional. Once you know which is which, you can take steps to ensure that publication goes as smoothly and as stress-free as possible!

Thanks for listening! The next Writing Tip is “Recovery”, look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!