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The past is set, but we have the chance to change the future every day.

A brand new story idea for a brand new day, enjoy!

As always, if this story inspires you to write or if you wish to take this idea further, a flat fee of $299.99 is required (just kidding, a small acknowledgement is all I need).

And so, without further ado, here is “Say Goodbye to Yesterday”:

Say Goodbye to Yesterday starts with Bastian Althaus, the main character, returning to the present after successfully going back in time to change a major past event. The event, a massive fire which ravaged his small town of Frieden-Schließen (Germany), killed dozens of people and forever changed the lives (for better or worse) of the survivors (unknown to everyone, Bastian caused the fire by accident). In preventing the fire, Bastian prevented his family’s death and the deaths of numerous others.

However, instead of disappearing immediately, the residents of the original timeline persist for several days and are visible to the townsfolk. This, understandably, causes some conflicts as the original and altered timeline townspeople interact and witness the lives that could have been. Some find themselves happier in the new timeline, some don’t, and some find their lives completely changed.

As Bastian adjusts to his new timeline, the townspeople are given an opportunity to see what could have been. Bastian, returning home, sees how his family members’ lives would have gone if they had not perished in the blaze. Unfortunately for him, he discovers that his wife, Gretchen, instead married his older brother in the new timeline (the version of Gretchen from the original timeline confirms that she once had feelings for his brother, and that after his death she fell in love with Bastian).

With the original timeline slowly beginning to disappear, Bastian must make a choice. Go back in time and undo his changes or let things remain as they are. He must decide if he will keep the love of his life, or lose her and gain the family he has longed for for years.

Ultimately, Bastian discovers that his happiness is less important than their existence, and with the townspeople of the original timeline disappearing, he goes to find his Gretchen. Finding her, they share one last tender moment before she fades away, along with all of the other remnants. Seeing the new Gretchen happily holding onto his brother, he smiles and remarks that all he ever truly wanted was her happiness.

With the memories of what could have been forever influencing what could come to be, Bastian, Gretchen and his family face the new future with hope.

Thanks for listening!

And remember, even if everything in your life changes, Never Lose Your Stride!