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Fear not the warrior. Fear not the king. Fear not the gods.

Fear the mother scorned.

As always, if this unusual tale sparks the powder keg of creativity lying inside each and every one of you, or if you want to take your imagination and use it to complete this story, a small acknowledgement is all I ask for.

And so, without further ado, here is “Anathema”:

Anathema tells the tale of Seraphina Auldon , a plain and un-excitable housewife. She lives in Far Don, a country ruled by the cruel and despotic King Gorvenal who desires ultimate obedience from his miserable subjects. Seraphina lives a normal life until her home is suddenly attacked (unprovoked) by the king’s soldiers. Her husband and father are killed and her three children are taken away.

On his deathbed, her father explains that his father (her grandfather) had once tried to rebel against the king and had almost succeeded (managed to wound his face). Facing rising unrest following her grandfather’s execution, and in order to keep the peace, King Gorvenal had spared Seraphina’s father but banished her to the kingdom’s most remote location. With his last words, Seraphina’s father bequeaths her grandfathers sword and shield to her, and charges her with putting an end to the tyrannical king once and for all.

At first, she is reluctant to fight, but she soon hears of the king’s intention to publicly execute her children as a reminder to the people on the price of rebellion (the rebels increased activity had been incorrectly blamed on Seraphina’s family as they were known to descendants of the rebel leader). Taking up sword and shield, she travels far and wide, gathering strength and allies. Eventually, on the day of the execution, she attacks the capital with her army.

As her allies engage the royal forces, she makes her way to the execution platform. There, she encounters the king, who is about to personally kill her eldest son. She throws her sword to her son, remarking that her bloodline will always fight oppression, and he is able to impale the king with it.

Charging forward, she further shoves the blade into his body with her shield, whilst whispering to the dying Gorvenal that her grandfathers work is finally done. With the king dead and the land freed, Seraphina returns to her home and starts rebuilding, but warns the king’s successors (a governing council) that she will return if need be.

Thanks for listening! The next story idea is “Cthulu’s Day Off”, look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!