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Because sometimes even I get tired of writing poems about death, fear and heartbreak.



All of you may be wondering,

Exactly what I’m doing,

I don’t think you understand,

Otherwise you would know,

Ultimately I have a plan.


Actually maybe you don’t get it,

Except what do I mean by it,

It being the thing you don’t get,


Unless you really don’t understand?


Although it is a bit tricky,

Everything seems a bit repetitive, no,

I don’t blame you for missing the obvious,

Otherwise this would be pointless,

Ulterior motives notwithstanding!


Apparently some people have understood,

Elementary, isn’t it,

I think that for the rest, I should explain,

Or should I see if you can get it,

Unfortunately I must reveal that the next word starts with…


Awesome, you got it, and the next will be,

Exactly, E is the answer, and following it is,

I can’t believe you figured it out, that the next has to be,

Original, don’t you think, using such a simple trick,

Ultimately, it all comes down to planning!


Thank you for listening!