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I am Nothing. I am the Darkness Before Dawn. I am the Shadow in the Night. I am the Watcher. I am the Watched. When man stares up at the starless skies, I am what stares back. I am Everything, and I am Nothing. I am the first thing you see when you take your first breath, and the last image in your mind when you breath your last. I am the darkness in every man’s heart. I am the fear of the unknown. I am the Hated One. I am the Defiler and the Defiled. I am Formless, and I am Eternal.

-The Void

By far the strangest entity we have encountered thus far, The Void defies all explanation. Its true nature, motives and abilities are unknown, and it speaks of things beyond mortal comprehension.

Only time will tell if The Void will become yet another obstacle for Barsch to overcome, or if it will prove insurmountable. Read Awakening to find out more about The Void and its influence on our unlucky protagonist.

Thanks for listening, stay tuned for the next story quote coming next week!

And remember, even if you are facing a being of unimaginable power, Never Lose Your Stride!