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I have only ever had one girlfriend, and she is now my fiancée. I have never been dumped. I have never had my heart broken. I have never experienced the pain of separation.

And yet I wrote a poem about heartbreak. Imaginations are crazy scary, and their power is immeasurable. You can write about the past, the future, life and death, and all the people you could have become.

Treasure that gift, it’s the greatest one you will ever receive.


You were always the one

One love to beat all the others

Others laughed at me, saying I was a fool

Fool indeed, looking at me now

Now you’ve taken my everything

Everything I gave, you broke

Broke my heart, my soul, my love

Love that was never mine to begin with

With every passing second, I feel the hurt growing

Growing stronger and stronger, fed by my pain

Pain you made me feel, my one and only

Only I wasn’t yours, and you were never mine

Mine was never a story that would end well

Well, I hope that you are happy

Happy isn’t even a word I can use anymore

Anymore of this and I feel I will break

Break up, were the words you said

Said with a cruel, cold voice like ice

Ice daggers pierced my heart that day

Day turned to night

Night turned to nightmare

Nightmare turned to dawn

Dawn has risen for me, now that I am free from this

This heart is broken

Broken free from your lies

Lies that I still tell myself every morning

Morning after morning, I tell myself the same thing

Thing is, I’m really just lying to protect my heart

Heart or no heart, I have to be honest here

Here, I will say it, it’s now or never

Never will this not be true, but I Love You
Thank you for listening.