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How ever tough you think you are, nature is tougher.

Funnily enough, I came up with this story idea about five years ago. The Revenant came out in 2015. Coincidence?

I think not!

Just kidding!

Either way, if this story inspires you to write, or if you decide to take this story further, a small acknowledgement would be great!

And so, without further ado, here is “Only the Strong Survive”:

Only the Strong Survive tells the story of Michael Strenton, a hunter who is abandoned in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness after falling down a steep embankment. Injured and concussed, he requests help from his hunting partner and best-friend, Clay Jeckle who instead speaks about karma before leaving Michael to die (Clay mistakenly thought that his wife and Michael had been having an affair).

With a shattered leg, Michael is forced to travel across three hundred miles of desolate wilderness, his hunting hound, Tyde, his only companion (he and Clay had been on a hunting trip). As he travels, he reminisces on his childhood, when he met Clay and his wife Trisha for the first time. He also recalls his time in the Vietnam war as well as his dispute with his son (a homosexual) whom he has not seen for several years. Facing several setbacks and obstacles, including a winter storm, a pack of wolves and losing several toes to frostbite, Michael endures due to his personal mantra (Only the Strong Survive).

Nearing his home, he comes across Clay’s body (he had driven off a cliff from the guilt of leaving Michael to die) and gives him a proper burial, remembering all their years of friendship. Almost dead, he finally manages to make it home, but passes out in a snowbank. Tyde, seemingly leaves him to die, but soon returns with a search party who were getting ready to drive out to the hunting area. Regaining consciousness, Michael discovers that Clay had called Trisha in his final moments, telling her that Michael was in danger and begging for forgiveness. As he recovers from his injuries in the hospital, Michael finally phones his son and invites him and his husband over for thanksgiving, realizing that life is too short for needless separations.

Thanks for listening! The next story idea is “Anathema”, look forward to it!

And remember, even if you are far from home and badly injured, Never Lose Your Stride!