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Loyalty begets loyalty.

Maloch, the loyal one. Kingston, the hermit. Together these two characters form an unusual complement. As opposed to Barsch and Alza, they are older, wiser and have experienced a fair amount of terrible situations.

For them, being lost in the desert is less a life-threatening scenario and more of a mild inconvenience.

The crux of this scene lies with Kingston’s decision to free his metal companion. It is a purely selfless act, as he has no way of knowing that Maloch will even be functional following the crash, and digging him up will use up much of his energy (a vital resource in the desert).

The re-mech that almost killed him. The broken re-mech who is malfunctioning. The re-mech that he has only known for a few hours.

But he is not just any re-mech.

He is Maloch.

I wrote this scene for two reasons. Firstly, I wanted to delve deeper into Kingston’s mind and reveal his thought process and motivations. Similarly to Alza and Barsch, I felt it necessary to flesh out his character. Secondly, I wanted to develop Maloch as a character. Going from nameless re-mech to adversary to helper, his transformation is rapid and confuddled by the events surrounding it. With “Kindred Spirits” I have the time (both story wise and page wise) to explore his character as he comes to terms with his unusual state of being.

The next Behind the Scenes, “Rock Jumper”, will continue to develop both characters as they face their first joint obstacle, look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!