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Did You Know that Carçus City gets its name from the word “Carcass”?

Friendly reminder, a carcass (also known as carrion) is the rotting corpse of an animal.

Carçus City, similarly, is the rotting corpse of a city.

Neither is pleasant for those nearby, and both need to be disposed of quickly. For carrion, carrion-eaters or road crews. For Carçus City, a Quark Deconstruction Bomb.

I opted for the pronunciation of CAR-sus in order to make the name’s origin slightly less obvious. I hoped that people would see the name, make the connection on their own, and realize that it was not a happy or safe city to be in.

Thanks for listening! The next Did You Know is related to this one, and deals with th unusual relationship Barsch has with bridges, look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!