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Madness is the last resort of a desperate mind.

Yes, it’s another asylum/mental facility with a serial killer twist, sue me. Sometimes my story ideas are radically different, which is best exemplified by looking at the last 4 story ideas. Murder mystery, mental facility, sport/murder mystery, sci-fi.

You get my point?

Cause I don’t.

Regardless, if this story idea inspires you to write, or if you want to take my idea further, a small acknowledgement would be great!

And so, without further ado, here is “Chaos Becomes You”:

Chaos Becomes You tells the story of Geoff Escher, a prisoner in a joint mental/rehabilitation prison for the criminally insane. He has been imprisoned for the murder of seventeen people while using the pseudonym “Whiteface” (so named by the press for his trademark ivory mask which was witnessed by a survivor). Waking up in his cell with no memory of his crimes, he is forced to solve the mystery of his incarceration and clear his name.

His only link to the outside world is his defense attorney, Zoe Tyche, who promises to help him appeal his conviction. With the aid of the prison psychologist, Oslow Mathers (who is interested in the psychology of the criminal mind) he is able to gradually recall his past. He remembers that he was a former police detective who left the department after his wrongful accusation put an innocent man in jail.

Realizing that he needs more evidence, he breaks out of prison with Zoe and Oslow’s help,  and heads towards the spots where he supposedly killed his victims. While investigating, more of his memory returns. He remembers that after retiring, he became obsessed with catching Whiteface (he saw it as a chance for redemption). However, with his memory of the day of his arrest murky, he changes his plan.

He decides to break back in to the prison and use the electroshock machine (kept in an abandoned section) on max to fully recover his memories. Using the machine, he remembers that he had tracked Whiteface to the site of his sixteenth murder and had attempted to subdue him. However, he was defeated by Whiteface who then used a combination of torture and hypnosis to wipe out Geoff’s memories (Whiteface felt that the police were getting closer to arresting him, and saw Geoff as a scapegoat). Whiteface then alerted the police and placed his mask on Geoff, who was subsequently arrested (the police and judge thought that Geoff’s “amnesia” was an attempt to evade judgement). Whiteface, who left before the police arrived, disappeared into the night.

Unable to remember Whiteface’s face, Geoff is re-arrested after being discovered. However, he has Zoe leak a story to the news that Geoff knows the real identity of Whiteface and that he will reveal it on the day of his appeal. Whiteface, who sees the news story, believes that Geoff will reveal his identity and chooses to sneak into the prison and kill Geoff before he can do so. Sneaking in, he confronts Geoff, taunting him about his failure to catch the real Whiteface and that he will die with the world thinking that he was a serial killer. Suddenly, the police appear and Geoff reveals that he set a trap for Whiteface.

In the end, the real Whiteface is arrested and Geoff is vindicated. In the aftermath of the trial, Geoff visits the man he wrongfully sent to prison and finally apologizes. The man asks Geoff what he plans to do next, to which Geoff replies that he is rejoining the police force, with the intention of training the new recruits to avoid making the same mistakes he once made.

Thanks for listening! The next story idea is “Only the Strong Survive”, look forward to it!

And remember, no matter what, Never Lose Your Stride!