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I am Guardian… and I will save you from yourself!


There are those who do evil for the sake of their ambitions, and there are those that do evil for the fun of it.

And then there are those who do evil whilst thinking that they are doing good.

Guardian, a Station A.I., belongs to the latter group.

Over-protective of his ‘children’ to a fault, he becomes a serious threat to Barsch and co. With complete control over his domain and a lack of empathy for those he labels ‘threats’, he is not a foe that can be defeated easily.

Will Barsch overcome this trial? Or will Guardian succeed in his desire to elimitate everything that does not belong? Read Awakening to find out what happens!

Thanks for listening, our next quote comes from an entity that is somewhat hard to define, both physically and morally. Look forward to his cryptic words!

And remember, even if a malicious artificial intelligence is trying to kill you, Never Lose Your Stride!