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Did You Know that there are several different types of re-mechs in Awakening?

Firstly, some re-mech history: re-mechs were created during the Quantum Age of Humanity, a time of great technological and societal advancement. Initially used as personal servants (hence their original designation as Retainer Mechatrons), their purpose changed with the advent of The South Wars.

Seeing their usefulness as soldiers, the re-mechs were weaponized to devastating effect. After the war ended, the re-mechs were once more repurposed as Revitalization Mechatrons. Read Awakening to find out what happened next…

But I digress. Due to the re-mechs history, there are several different types that are utilized in various situations. Here are a few of them:

  • Security re-mechs: designed with greater firepower and possessing directives that prioritize maintaining their assigned post and repelling any and all invaders.
  • Construction re-mechs: designed with various tools to help tear down dilapidated structures and build new cities for their cryogenically frozen masters.
  • Medical re-mechs: designed with advanced medical capabilities including biometric scanning software, surgical instruments and analgesics for emergency medical treatment.
  • Maintenance re-mechs: designed to maintain structures and vehicles with welding tools and possessing an on-board 3D printer for printing replacement parts.
  • Gardener re-mechs: designed to cultivate the terrain and flora in their assigned domains, including the preservation of rare species and the creation of hybrid plants.

These are just a few of the re-mechs in The Chronicles of New Eden. Read Awakening to learn more about their history, goals and fate.

Thank you for listening. The next Did You Know will concern the doomed city of Carçus, look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!