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Gravity, keeping you down since forever.

Today’s idea is an action/drama story set in the near future.

As with every story idea thus far, if this story sparks that desire inside you to write that I so relish, or if you want to take this story as your own and further develop it, a small acknowledgement is all I ask for (lets say… 30% of your lifetime royalties? Just kidding).

And so, without further ado, here is “The Waves are Breaking”:

The Waves are Breaking tells the tale of Vincent Boudair, a former pro-surfer who was forced to retire after he lost his leg to a shark attack. He is approached by a veteran Free-slide player, Olly Dolson. Free-slide is an underground sport where people coat massive objects (skyscrapers and monuments) with a specialized zero-friction gel and then race down them on specialized boards.

Olly is hoping to uncover the identity of the mysterious organizer and donator of the sport who is known only as The Breaker. Olly tells Vincent that The Breaker has been killing off Free-sliders for years (via paying other competitors to kill them, sabotaging their equipment or creating impossible courses) and then cashing in on their deaths (Free-slide has a betting pool on who is going to die next). Olly’s son, Luke, was the latest Free-slider to die at the hands of The Breaker.

Olly asks Vincent to enter the sport and climb the ranks, thereby placing him higher on the death pool and catching The Breaker’s attention. Once he is next to be killed, they will catch him in the act and expose his crimes to the world. Vincent, initially skeptical, agrees as he has longed for a sense of exhilaration in his life, and he feels that since his retirement he has lost his sense of purpose.

Along the way, Vincent meets Juno Velasquez, a recently widowed woman and single mother who is Free-sliding to keep her family out of debt (her boyfriend and father of her child was one of the Free-sliders killed by The Breaker). Together, they climb the ranks, growing closer. Eventually, they are ranked first and second on the death poll, and announce that they will have a race down The Spire, the tallest building in the world and the most dangerous due to its height and unusual architecture (it was closed down after several fatal accidents). Olly organizes it so that The Breaker is on the scene on the day of the race, as this was Vincent and Juno’s only condition.

On the day of the race, Vincent decides to sacrifice himself in the event that Olly’s plan fails, having finally reclaimed his sense of purpose (helping others). However, shortly after the race begins, The Breaker sets off a series of detonations which collapse The Spire. Racing down the collapsing structure, Vincent is able to work together with Juno and survive the deadly course. Back on the ground, they meet Olly who was able to trace the detonation signal to a nearby vehicle.

Inside they find The Breaker, who is revealed to be a paraplegic ex-slider who is angry with how easily sliders throw away their lives, and wished to teach them the value of life (by killing them). Cornered, The Breaker activates a bomb planted in the vehicle, destroying himself and almost killing Vincent, Olly and Juno.

Afterwards, with free-sliding no more, Juno worries about her debts, until Olly reveals that he bet on The Breaker to be the next one to die (which no one took seriously and thus had low odds and a massive payout). Splitting the money in three, the three friends part ways, looking forward to finding a new, hopefully safer hobby.

Thanks for listening! The next story idea is “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!