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I am the saviour of mankind.

-The Madman

He who knows the limits of the body and mind is much more likely to break through them. But in doing so, does he venture down a path that was not meant to be trod?

The Madman seeks perfection. The Madman seeks salvation.

The Madman seeks you. And if he finds you…

He will make you mad too.

The world of Awakening is not a kind place. It is not filled with heroes and saviours. Those who dwell in the darkness seek only to destroy the light.

The Man With Dead Eyes. The Man With Crimson Eyes. The Madman.

Three dangerous individuals. Three threats facing Barsch. Three threats that would kill him without mercy or hesitation.

The Man With Dead Eyes will kill you believing that you are vermin that needs to be exterminated.

The Man With Crimson Eyes will kill you believing that he is superior to you in every way.

But The Madman will plunge a blade into your heart fully believing that he is saving you…

Which is the most dangerous? That is for you to find out.

Thank you for listening, our next quote comes from yet another dangerous individual, although he has far better reasons that those listed above. Look forward to it!

And remember, even if you fall to madness, Never Lose Your Stride!