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Sanity is a choice you make every single day.

Today’s story idea deals with mental illness, a topic that will be revisited several times in the future. Why? Because the human mind is inherently fascinating, even when it is broken (Awakening foreshadowing FYI).

As always, if this idea inspires you to write or if you wish to further develop it, a small acknowledgement would be great!

And so, without further ado, here is “Fracture”:

Fracture tells the story of Ian Dyson, a new patient of the Broken Woods Mental Care Centre in Bruges, Belgium. He is admitted after he suffers a psychotic breakdown at his work which leaves five people injured. However, he has no memory of the incident.

On admission he is diagnosed with a new type of multiple-personality disorder (it causes actual physical changes for each personality, it is informally known as Fracturing). Slowly, he adapts to life at the institute, eventually he even falls in love with an orderly, Kara Verolt. 

However, as the days go by, he finds that he has to fight to stay in control, as his personalities take over and begin leaving him strange messages, warning him about Dr Durnst, a new doctor who works at the facility. 

In addition, he has to cope with his own dark childhood memories resurfacing due to the therapy he receives (he remembers that he was abused by his aunt and uncle and would imagine other people helping him through the misery, this led to the appearance of his first alternate personality, Nia). 

At the same time, Dr Durnst is shown to have been killed and replaced by The Torturer, a notorious serial killer who came across Durnst while fleeing the police. The Torturer decided to impersonate the doctor until the police had given up their search. 

After Ian catches Durnst disposing of the real Durnst’s body, a terrifying game of cat and mouse begins, as Ian struggles to convince those around him of Durnst’s true identity while evading Durnst’s attempts to silence him. After managing to convince Kara, Dr Durnst kidnaps her, planning on using her as a hostage to escape the facility. Ian, with the help of his various personalities, is able to outwit the doctor and rescue Kara. 

However, during the final confrontation, Ian is badly wounded and slips into a coma. While asleep, he meets with his various personalities who reveal the truth: all of them were victims of The Torturer who used Ian’s fractured mental state as a conduit in order to bring their killer to justice. One by one they leave him, until only one personality is left: Nia. 

Nia explains that Ian doesn’t need him anymore and that he has become strong enough to face the difficulties in his life (Ian’s breakdown at work was caused by Ian being passed up on a promised promotion, which led to the resurgence of Nia in order to deal with Ian’s dark emotions). Nia, saying his goodbyes, disappears from Ian’s mind, leaving him mentally alone for the first time in years. 

After being discharged, Ian begins dating Kara. However, on their first date, a new personality suddenly appears, acting in a very confident and suave manner (he calls himself Ain, and states that he is the “real” Ian). Ian, however, passes it off as a joke, but inwardly begins to question if he is really the original personality… 

Thanks for listening! The next story idea is “The Waves Are Breaking”, look forward to it!

And remember, even if your mind fractures, Never Lose Your Stride!