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You may have noticed an influx of poetry on my site as of late. Do not be alarmed, I have not abandoned writing for poetry.

Rather, I see it as a new outlet for the somewhat overwhelming amount of creative energy I possess. 


On some days, I can’t even get dressed without coming up with a new story idea. My drive to work could result in another few ideas. It can be a bit annoying…

Anyway, I will be attemptingto channel some of that creative energy into other mediums, with poetry being my first venture.

I have chosen poetry as it has the ability to draw forth a range of emotions and memories from only a handful of words. And what better place to hone my writing ability than with the ultimate short-form story format? (aside from Haikus, of course)

So you can look forward to more poems in the coming weeks.

I leave you with two simple poems that I quickly thought up for this post:

I Regret Loving You.


Little feet running. Run, little feet, run!

Little car driving. Stop, little car, stop!

Little feet lying. Start, little heart, start!

Thank you for listening.

Never Lose Your Stride.