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How many years has it been, since this poem first waltzed into my mind? And now, after all this time as a captive, I have decided to set it free.


I Remember The Sun

I live in darkness, and yet I remember the light.

For four and forty years, the darkness has been my home. These walls of stone, this floor of dirt, they are all I have ever known

And yet, I Remember The Sun.

The horrors which chased me here, into this pit of the earth.  The troubles which forced me here, and blocked my way back

The pain which kept me here, as I grew to know the dark. All these things I have forgotten, And yet, I Remember The Sun.

As I hunt for the small squeaks which sustain me, I think of the Sun’s light.

Radiance unmatched. A gentle glow which lights the land. Rays of white and gold, illuminating the heavens.

I Remember The Sun.

No more. No more. No more shall I dwell in the dark.

I Remember The Sun, and soon I will see it.

I leave this place, this tomb of dreams, this cell of night. I crawl upwards, squeezing through the broken earth.

Higher. Higher. Higher still.

I climb. I clamber. I clasp the earth and push it down.

I rise. I ascend. I soar towards the heavens.

I Remember The Sun.

That orb of light awaits. Out-shining all the others. 

The mother light.

The Sun.

I Remember You.

Closer now. Closer still. Closer than before.

The darkness recedes. The gloom fades. The day looms.

I Remember The Sun.

I have forgotten my face. I have forgotten my name. I have forgotten everything, and yet…

I Remember The Sun.

The surface. The sky. The air.

I stand above the darkness, and welcome the light.

I Remember The Sun.

I look out and see a sea of shimmering lights. Lesser Suns. They are not what I seek.

I Remember The Sun.

There. There. There.

There it is.

It hangs, so proudly in the heavens.

The Great Crescent…

The Sun.

Thank you for listening.