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Ever have one of those random impulses to write a poem?

Yeah, me neither.

But, in a moment of spontaneity, I did just that. 


Man and Beast

Blood drips. Down. Down. Down.

White lips. Frown. Frown. Frown.

Black blade, roaring in the night.

His heart, fleeing from the light.

Violence made flesh, flesh made red.

He will not stop until all are dead.

Barsch, master of the beast.

Lanista, who desires to feast.

Together, they howl, two souls stained black.

Together, they scream, ready to attack.

Flesh rips. Drown. Drown. Drown.

Blood drips. Down. Down. Down.

Thanks for listening! (and indulging in my random posts)

And for those of you who are reading Awakening, this poem is based on the events of Wareven village.

Even if you give in to the violence, Never Lose Your Stride!