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I don’t like sand. It’s rough, coarse and irritating. And it gets everywhere.

This week on “The Unluckiest Man Alive”, we find our hero alone and very much imperiled. Barsch, injured and isolated from his “friends”, is not in a happy space.

Once again, he sets off towards a speck of hope. However, this time he is facing miles of treacherous dunes and a broken leg, instead of a pleasant stroll through the forest.

Only time will tell what effect this journey will have on Barsch. He will see visions of his past… and his future. His sanity, already under strain, will be tested.

But for now, his journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Down a sand dune. With a broken leg.

He’ll be fine… probably.

I structured this scene to have several parallels with Barsch’s first awakening outside Genesis Station 13. His confusion, loneliness and hopelessness are renewed by the familiar feeling of isolation, and the glimmer of hope on the horizon seems further away with every step.

I wrote this scene (and by extension, the chapter) as a means to re-focus on the individual merits and failings of the people who make up our unusual group. After finally finding their fourth member, the group is split up, giving each member a chance to shine. From a story perspective I felt that this was necessary in order to preserve the strong individual traits each character possesses and allow their back stories and motivations to develop in an environment free from disrutptions (i.e. from the rest of the group).

By doing this, I hope to cement their personalities in the reader’s mind and ensure that they are not “lost” when they regroup.

Thanks for listening!

The next scene, “The Man With Emerald Eyes” will introduce a new, mysterious character, look forward to it!

And remember, even if you break your leg, Never Lose Your Stride!