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I know, I know, another painfully obvious statement. And yet it still needs to be said. If you want to write a book, you have to work hard. 

When I first started writing Awakening, all those years ago, I was pretty optimistic about the whole process. I thought (in my naivety) that the book would be written in a few months, that editing would be correcting a few spelling errors, and that the publisher would handle the rest. 

I was such a fool…

So, a few months turned into a few years, editing turned into rewriting entire scenes, and I ended up having to self-publish (which in turn meant doing the type-setting, cover design and formatting by myself). Long story short, writing a book isn’t easy. You have to be prepared to put in a lot of hours, learn new skills and figure things out on your own.

Another thing: don’t expect any help from your friends and family. If they offer to help, count it as a blessing. However, in my case the people around me only wanted to read the finished product. 

So work hard, fail, and then work even harder.

As I always say, No matter what happens, Never Lose Your Stride!

Thank you for listening, the next writing tip is a follow up to this post: “Don’t rely on feedback from friends and family”, look forward to it!