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Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust.

Farewell, Carçus City. 

Hello Part Two: Journey.

A city of darkness becoming a bright shining light. A relic of the old world becoming a saving grace. An offer of friendship, to a broken machine.

As our heroes make their desperate escape from the doomed city, we draw to a close the first part of Awakening.

Leave-takings, in essence, was about introducing our four main characters and setting the stage for their epic journey. In Part Two, they will cross scorching deserts, navigate treacherous rapids and endure burning acid rain. They will be pushed to their limits, and be forced to break through them. They will discover things about themselves and each other that will shake their understanding of their world, and they will move closer to discovering the truth.

For now, however, they rest. With Carçus and all of its horrors wiped from the map, our heroes are entitled to some rest and relaxation, don’t you think?

I know, I don’t think that’ll happen either.

Thank you for listening! The next scene is “Alone Again” (that sounds promising…), look forward to it!

And remember, even when you reduce a city to a smoking crater, Never Lose Your Stride!