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To Struggle is to Live.

As a man who spent most of his childhood practicing martial arts (Karate, Taekwon-Do, Kickboxing), I can somewhat understand the mentality of those that fight for a living. 

Today’s story, “If These Bones Could Speak”, is about one of these men. A murder mystery with a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) backdrop is fairly unique, and allows for a more energetic and action packed story that a slower paced murder mystery.

As always, if this story idea inspires you to write or if you decide to take my idea further, a small acknowledgement would be great!

And so, without further ado, here is “If These Bones Could Speak”: 

If These Bones Could Speak tells the story of an ex-MMA fighter, Hank Ronnager, who is framed for the brutal murder of his daughter, Alice. Fleeing the crime scene, he is pursued by no-nonsense police chief, Arthur Burnes, who almost lost his son to the sport (he was paralysed from the waist down during a match). 

Hank is aided by a sympathetic detective, Logan Grimes, who knew Hank as a child (Logan often protected Hank from bullies who picked on him due to his small stature, he later influenced Hank to choose MMA as a career to get stronger and more confident). Hank has few leads to follow, namely a drug vial containing an unknown steroid variant and a protein bar that was popular with his old MMA comrades. 

In order to find more clues, Hank must enter the world of underground cage fighting (many of his former comrades joined after being kicked out of MMA tournaments over steroid use).

While Hank slowly makes his way up the rankings (in order to face the current champion, Saul Dornic, who is infamous for his role in supplying the steroid to the other fighters), Logan investigates the other fighters and helps throw Arthur off of Hank’s trail.

Eventually, Hank and Logan discover that Saul had made a deal with a pharmaceutical company to test a new type of steroid (he was using the other fighters as Guinea pigs to observe the side-effects) in exchange for them arranging for his return to the world of MMA (he craved his former fame). 

One of the fighters he injected had come across Alice and had killed her in a psychotic fit of rage (one of the side effects). Saul had killed him to hide the truth and framed Hank in order to divert the police’s attention (he also hated Hank as he had never been able to beat him [in popularity or the ring]). 

Cornered, Saul takes a massive dose of the steroid and tries to kill Hank. Hank, however, has a vision of Alice cheering him on and is able to defeat Saul.

In the aftermath, Saul is arrested and Hank’s name is cleared. He thanks Logan for always helping him and they visit Alice’s grave together. While there, they are surprised by Arthur, who apologizes to Hank and admits that his son knew the risks before he fought. Together the three men depart, bound by their experience.

Thanks for listening! The next story idea is “So, A Pyromaniac, A Clown and an Irishman walk into a Bar”, look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!