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After the fall comes the flight. Our heroes, finding themselves with precious little time left, must now find a way out of the city. 

A city that is crumbling around them. A city that has been abandoned for decades. A city that is scheduled to be wiped off the map.

No worries, right?

I wrote this scene, which runs from the group leaving the hospital until their arrival at the bunker, as a means to bridge the hospital and city escapes. I wanted to keep the tension high and maintain the sense of urgency and danger that is present from the moment they enter the city. 

As our unlucky group scramble over rubble and through half-collapsed buildings, there is little time for conversation. All efforts, thoughts and energies are focused on survival.

With their time running out, they stumble upon a chance for salvation. Will this turn out to be their Saving Grace? Or will fate lead them down a different path?

Read Awakening to find out!

Thanks for listening! The next Behind the Scenes is “Fleeing the Light!”, look forward to it!

And remember, even when the world is crumbling down around you, Never Lose Your Stride!