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Damn you gravity!

Alternatively: Don’t try this at home!

Problem: You are stuck on one of the upper levels of a crumbling hospital located in the centre of a city that is scheduled to be destroyed in a matter of minutes, what do you do?

Solution: Take a shortcut through an empty elevator shaft on the back of your trusty re-mech.

Result: Well… It goes about as well as you would expect…

As our heroes make their way down to the hospital’s first floor in the most dangerous and ingenious manner possible, Barsch has a moment to ponder how his luck has been worsening by the day. 

This scene, like its predecessors, is an action scene. While I generally try to alternate action and quiet scenes, I chose to keep the suspense level high with a string of action scenes. I wanted to emphasize the desperate nature of their situation, as their time quickly runs out. 

This trend continues with the appropriately named “Out of Time”, which sees our group searching for a way out of the city. Look forward to it, and as always, thank you for listening!

And remember, even if you are plummeting to your certain doom, Never Lose Your Stride!